Living In The Cannabis Culture

Just like many other things in life be it sports, fishing, exercise, traveling or even sci-fi programs eventually an entire culture around that topic will form and evolve.  When it comes to cannabis online Canada and cannabis related products and lifestyles there is a new energized movement in that culture.


To start with the hot topic now is the legalization of marijuana, hemp, CBD and other aspects of the cannabis plant.  To start with many states around the country have legalized the sale and use of this for medical purposes only.  Once released to the public lines of people formed around the businesses offering this product.  Then, after some time legalization efforts were put into place for recreational use.

Mind shift

For something to change in a culture there has to be a mind shift towards positive benefits not only to the people using the products or services, but to the overall government or society.  When looking at cannabis the main mind shit drifted towards how to benefit financially from the sale of cannabis while keeping people safe from it is usage.

Clothing and gear

With any culture the way that people embrace it is by creating a style for that culture.  To accomplish this quickly clothing, gear and even written and spoken languages are adopted and modified throughout the people.  Typical clothing will be tee shirts, hats, jackets and more.  Gear such as bongs, lighters, cookbooks and more are created in the hopes to generate additional sources of income from those embracing the culture.

Social groups

When this mind shift and gear are created people will then start to seek out others who share their same beliefs and views on the topics.  Social groups such as Facebook pages, websites, recovery groups and even clubs are formed and operated like large businesses.  When more and more people are taken in to the culture their ranks grow, the awareness increases and then the desire to change builds a movement.


Once everything is started and groups are formed people will begin to act out in society.  These actions will result in positive events and situations as well as negative situations.  Some negative situations resulted in crimes, DUI’s and violence.  When those in the culture act out or against the standards and overall beliefs of the culture then others will be required to create and enforce laws.

When these laws are created they start to put a strangle hold on the culture as a whole.  In some situations it lead to people defying the laws which resulted in arrests.  In other situations, these laws were rightfully challenged and brought to the people for change.  As a result everyone can now see that the culture is becoming more accepting and with this acceptance comes people’s willingness to make changes and enact laws that are more positive towards its use.

A long fight ahead

No matter what is going on or where you stand on the issue there will always be a fight ahead.  With each new law and regulation, with each new person introduced to the culture, the world that is created is forever changed and evolving.